My sweet Maybelline


















If you think your dog is cuter than this, you’re wrong.

Seriously, though…LOOK AT THAT FACE!

She’s gorgeous.

And the best decision my wife and I ever made was adopting her. She’s full of personality and energy and love. My heart melts every time I come home from where ever I am to that sweet face and her furiously-wagging tail.

It’s crazy to think that anyone could be mean to such a great pup.

She makes our little family complete.


What I’m listening to…


Oleander – “Stupid”

I’ve been on this kick where I have to listen to this song two or three times in a row every time it pops up on “shuffle” on my iPod.

I saw these guys at the Rolling Rock Town Fair 2.0 way back in 2001 – I was only 17-years-old then!

I’ve always loved this song, though. Simple and mean…just a really solid rock n’ roll song.

Here’s “Stupid” plus a couple of other songs from their Rolling Rock performance in 2001. Can’t believe this is floating around on the Internet!

What are yinz listening to right now?

How the Lighting won the Marty St. Louis trade or what the F%#K were the Rangers thinking?


First off, can we talk about what a huge baby former Tampa Bay Lightning captain Marty St. Louis turned out to be?

Not only did St. Louis force himself out of Tampa Bay, but he refused to go to any team that wasn’t the New York Rangers. All because his GM, Steve Yzerman (who was also the architect of this year’s and 2010’s gold medal-winning Canadian hockey teams), passed up putting him on Team Canada…and even though Marty made the team anyway when his partner in crime Steven Stamkos wasn’t cleared to play after breaking his leg earlier in the season.

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What should the Penguins do at the trade deadline?


The NHL’s trade deadline is TODAY, so I’ll be sitting in front of my computer and the television all day hoping there’s a lot of huge deadline deals.

And especially hoping the Penguins do something to bolster their chances of hoisting Lord Stanley’s fabled chalice for the first time since 2009.

How do they go about doing that, though?

I’ve got some ideas…

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So, uh…hey.


It’s kinda been a long time, huh? Hey…I’ve been busy!

Unfortunately, I’ve found some spare time where I’m not used to having it, so I decided to try doing this for a while again. At least until I’m gainfully employed again.

We’ll see what happens.

So, I’ll see yinz soon.


This Volbeat riff is weird, familiar.


So, Lisa and I went to The Big Gig a couple of weekends ago.  It was a pretty awesome show.















Godsmack and Staind co-headlined, which gave me flashbacks to 2003 and an unfortunate incident where my pants split for, seemingly, no reason at all.  Marino and Beaver will vouch for that.  And laugh hysterically.

But all that is beside the point.

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