Beards and Smiles: Year 3



I don’t know if you know this about me…but I love hockey.


Especially the Penguins and the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

For a few years, now, the NHL has had their “Beard-A-Thon” campaign in which it asks fans to grow their beards out in support of their favorite team and to raise money for whichever charity their favorite team chooses.

I grow a playoff beard every spring.

I’m good at it.

And a couple of years ago I decided to raise money for an organization that’s very special to me, Operation Smile.

See, I was born with a cleft lip and palate.

Jamie 5 wks old 001
















I know how difficult it was dealing with those things growing up, and I had some of the best doctors in the world working on me to fix me up.

Jamie 9 months 001

I know. I was freaking adorable. Tell me something I don’t know.

I couldn’t imagine the hardships these kids would incur without the very simple and inexpensive procedure that Operation Smile provides to fix them up.

So that’s what this is all about. Me growing a beard, rooting for the Penguins, spreading awareness, and raising money for this awesome cause.


I’m not alone this year.
















Look at this handsome devil!

That’s my buddy Tom Cobaugh. I’ve known him since the first grade.

It took him upwards of 17 months to grow out THAT monstrosity.

But he recently shaved it off to grow anew and help me raise money for Operation Smile this NHL Playoff season.

If you want to see what he looks like now…you’ll have to head on over to our Facebook Page. Give us a “like” while you’re there.

And definitely DONATE. Our goal is $1,000 this year…and every little bit helps.

To donate, go here:

And check out the stuff my “big sister” wrote about me the past couple of years on her blog, Still Playing SchoolHERE and HERE!



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