Layne Staley was pretty amazing.


On my way to see what was on the NHL Network the other day, I saw that Palladia was going to be airing a live Mad Season show.

So I DVR’d it to watch while I was running on the treadmill.

Man, it didn’t disappoint.

His voice…just so powerful with so little effort.

I’ve thought that since watching Alice In Chains’ MTV Unplugged. Huge sound.

(I honestly can’t believe that I just found that entire Unplugged set on YouTube…watch it if you have 72 minutes with nothing to do. You WON’T be disappointed).

Layne Staley has been a favorite of mine for a long, long time. And if he’s not the best hard rock vocalist ever, he’s certainly in the top two or three. Really, there’s never been anyone quite like him.

I bought the Mad Season album not too long ago because I recognized some of the songs and because, well, because it’s a Layne Staley-fronted band.

I haven’t really listened to it, though, so that’s going to change very soon.

Like, now, actually.


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