Hey Chiefs…please sign DeSean Jackson, okay?


The Eagles cut DeSean Jackson today, apparently because he has ties to a gang in California.

I really hope he’s in a Kansas City Chiefs uniform in 2014.

Listen, it’s never a good thing to hear that a player may have ties to a gang. Just look at what happened to the Patriots and Aaron Hernandez.

But I’m a big believer at looking at a guy’s track record. Unlike Hernandez, DeSean has never been in any sort of legal trouble.

The only part of his character that’s ever been called into question is on the field, where he did this:

And this:

And this:

And this (though I’m unsure if he knew there wasn’t any time left…he probably knew):

So maybe he makes some bonehead moves on the football field…but if you notice, all those bonehead moves came during or at the end of huge plays.

The Chiefs could use another playmaker on offense, especially at the wide receiver position.

Donnie Avery is their “stretch-the-field” receiver right now. He’s a guy with plenty of speed, and that’s great. Exactly what you need as a deep threat, for obvious reasons.

But he can’t catch a cold.

DeSean can.

And mental mistakes can be eliminated.

He’d fit right into his old coach’s system, don’tcha think?

I do.

Sign him, please.


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