A Beard for Smiles


I’m assuming that if you’re reading this, you’re well aware that I’m a huge hockey and, specifically, Pittsburgh Penguin fan.

I’m also pretty sure you know that I can grow a pretty mean beard.


Anyway, starting in early April, I’m combining two of my favorite interests – the NHL Playoffs and growing beards – to raise money for a great cause that’s near and dear to my heart:  Operation Smile.

I spent a lot of time during my childhood being shuffled back and forth to Pittsburgh for surgeries and checkups on the cleft lip and palate I was born with.  So I figured I’d start using my resources – i.e. all you generous people that I know – to raise some money to help a couple of kids out that were born with the same conditions that I was.

My goal is $500.  According to the Operation Smile website, that’ll be enough for two kids to have surgeries that’ll help them go from this:

(how unreal is that onesie?) to this:

Every little bit helps, too, ladies and gentlemen.  I want to hit my goal and I’ll be relentless in my pursuit of it.

So if you don’t want me to shamelessly promote my cause (*COUGH*SPAMYOUTODEATH*COUGH*) then start donating!  (haha)

Just click here for my page and donate away.

It’ll put a smile on my face and, way more importantly, a smile on the faces of a couple of kids who need them.


3 thoughts on “A Beard for Smiles

  1. Ellen (Tapley/Boutry) Conrad

    Man do you give me flashbacks. I have been your mom’s friend since we were nine. (Not her fault, she just had a generous and patient heart). 🙂 The first picture is one she sent to me. I was so proud of you and how she trusted me to love you and see your beautiful little face as it was before surgery. I knew it would be tough for both of you. I had a friend at Calvary Camp who was also born with the same challenge. She had shared her walk with me. Even though that was long before you were born, I had not fully realized that feeding was a part of the challenge but I learned. Your mom shared in her letters about the surgeries and the challenges without ever complaining and I know I often prayed for both of you. Look at you! You obviously have the “Smith” heart. I will definitly pass this along. Go with it! Love the beard 😛 Oh yes, my husband wonders if you have a “pre” beard pic to post. He thinks that would impress people since you have matured a bit beyond the high chair photo LOL. Ellen

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