So, my Spring Break was pretty cool.


Instant Pittsburgh celebrity.  I’ll tell you allllll about it after the jump.

It was a no-brainer to head back home for spring break.  Connecticut is nice and everything, but give me western-PA any day of the week, twice on hockey nights.

Also a no-brainer?  Going to a Pens game while we were there.

We tried getting a couple of our couple friends to go with us, but since it was a weekday it was hard for anyone to pull off (I guess that’s what you get when we’re on vacation and no one else is…).  I was sad for a second…until Lisa said, “I want good seats.”

My response?  “How good can I make them, darling?”

She set the cap and I went to work on StubHub.  And, boy, did I do good.

Row C, which I THOUGHT would be three rows from the glass.

Turns out there were no rows in front of us, only a “pit” where the corner cameras for both ROOT Sports and TSN were located.  Also turns out that’s the PERFECT spot to sit if you want to get on TV.

Dammit, that beard is glorious.

But, basically, every time the Penguins would score…the camera man would just turn around to get a shot of the crowd.  And there we were.  Pretty much after all 8 Pens goals…so I’m told.

Yeah, 8 goals.  Geno Malkin had 5 points (2 goals, 3 assists) and James Neal had a hat trick.  But I didn’t throw my hat.  Partly because I’d have never made it over the protective netting…partly because I love my yellow Buccos’ hat.  So sue me.

Besides the game and those wonderful, wonderful seats…I was also looking forward to seeing the brand new Mario Lemieux statue outside of the CONSOL.  When it was unveiled, I was a little skeptical…because, well…

there are a lot of butts in it.

But seeing it in person?


And to be perfectly honest with you, the statue couldn’t fit Mario any better.  This scene is what he made a living doing:  Embarrassing defenders on his way to scoring big time goals.

The location of the statue lends to some pretty awesome camera angles for pictures, too.

Magnificent, just like the statue.

Random Notes

– That picture of Lisa and I in front of the statue?  Some guy just came over to me while I was taking her picture by it and asked if I wanted one with the both of us in it.  Didn’t have to ask anyone…that stuff would never happen up here.  Just sayin’.

– Seeing the Igloo half torn down is even more heartbreaking in person.  Lots of memories in that place.

– I’ve always told people that the best sporting event I’ve ever been to was the Hurricanes’ home opener against the Pens in 2006.  It’s been surpassed.  Because even though it was the first time I would get to see a certain #87 play and the last I’d get to see a certain #66, the Pens lost and there were only 4 goals scored total.  The game against Ottawa where they scored 8 a couple years prior was fun…but we sat in the very last row, under Section F.

Between the seats, the 12 total goals (that’s an average of a goal every 5 game minutes, if my math is correct) scored and the excitement of my phone blowing up with texts, Facebooks and phone calls every time Lisa and I were on TV put it #1 on my list.

– Went down to Carson Street afterwards to grab some food with DB (a REAL internet celebrity) at Piper’s Pub after the game.  While we were walking to the restaurant, some dude yelled out his window, “I JUST SAW YOU ON TELEVISION” to us…or, probably, me.  Unreal night.

– Apparently, all Scottish food is wrapped in sausage.  Not complaining.

– For the record, I’m just assuming the guy recognized me.  I mean, my wife is a very pretty girl

…VERY pretty, but I’ve noticed that there’s something about me that people remember and recognize.  Not sure what it is though.

– My favorite part of this whole excursion?  Being able to spend it with that pretty redheaded girl in many of the photos with me.

– I love my wife.  I love Kris Letang.  My wife in a Kris Letang shersey?

I passed out after taking that picture.

So unbelievably attractive.  I think I have a problem.

– Videos from warmups.

– I took most of these pictures, but the screenshots from ROOT Sports of Lisa and I during the broadcast came from Brian Hood, Mark Elias and Brandon Pizur.  I think I owe Mark $10 for being the first to spot me, snap a picture and put in on Facebook, too.  Haha.

– Marino was there, too.

Nobody wanted to sit next to him.

Thanks for reading!  See you next time…


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